Check out the latest buzz about Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe of Johnson County is making headlines about mosquito control services and how we’re making outside fun again. Check out some of the latest press about Mosquito Joe in the Johnson County area.

Fox 4 – It’s prime season for those pesky mosquitoes, and experts say it could be bad

June 2019
You’re not going to want to hear this, but pest control experts say conditions are ripe for mosquito infestations this year. In fact, they’re already getting bad…Read more.

The Kansas City Star – Summertime, and business is good at Mosquito Joe’s

July 2016
With humidity in the air and high summer closing in, business is good for David Maginness, owner of the Mosquito Joe franchise for Johnson County. 2016 was the second season for the local franchise of Mosquito Joe, a company that sprays around yards to protect against biting bugs like fleas, ticks, chiggers and of course, mosquitoes. Read more in this recent Q & A with Roxie Hammill.

Fox 4 – Expert shares how to keep your home safe from mosquitoes as warm weather approaches

March 2016
Ongoing concerns about the Zika virus have triggered an increase of demand for mosquito control services. Luckily, Mosquito Joe is here to help make outside fun again! Read More.

KSHB – Metro families taking action to stay safe from Zika virus

May 2016
People in the metro are taking more action to combat mosquitoes as concerns about Zika virus grow across the country. Read more to see how Mosquito Joe of Johnson County can help.